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Version 3.0.3 of the software is the version currently supported.

  1. To install BasinMaker or BasinMaker Light (both v3.0) software on your local machine, go here.
    Note that the above link also leads to BasinMaker Developer Documentation with full descriptions of the various BasinMaker functions.

  2. To run BasinMaker Light (v3.0.3) on the cloud via Google Colab without requiring any local install, go here.
    This links to a routing network post-processing example on Google Colab, which is an online Python notebook that does not require any local installation. All that is required is that you have a Google account. This example will show you how to simplify and customize a pre-existing routing product for your purposes. It can use as input either the North American Lake-River Routing Product (see here) or the Ontario Lake-River Routing Product (see here).

Version 3.0.1 source code, which reflects the software used in the BasinMaker toolkit paper (Han et al., 2023) is archived here.