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Example 3

Creating routing networks from DEM/flow directions and customizing

To use this notebook walkthrough, BasinMaker needs to be installed in full installation mode. The detailed installation procedure can be found in here.

The following BasinMaker activities will be demonstrated in here:

  1. Import packages to prepare to run BasinMaker
  2. Define spatial processing extent
  3. Delineate initial subbasins without lakes
  4. Insert subbasin outlets considering lake outlets and points of interest
  5. Add hydrologic routing attributes to the routing structure
  6. Finalize the lake-river routing network
  7. Simplify the routing network by removing some small lakes
  8. Generating HRUs
  9. Generate Raven hydrological model input files (spatial discretization and routing related)

Download the example 3 walkthrough package here (zip).